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Understanding & Saving File Types

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Erica McPhee:
Thanks Jane! It is such a complex topic so I tried to break it down as visually and simply as I could.   :)

FrenchBlue Joy:
You are so amazing!!  That graph is a thing of beauty. 

There's something I really don't understand about the PS-to-Illustrator path...  My printer says she removed and in drip on my last original file in Photoshop, and then sent the doc to Illustrator to vectorize it.  Anything that's been through Photoshop is pixelated though, isn't it?  Does Illustrator somehow fix that, so it doesn't look 'bitmap'-y when it's done?  Or is it possible to scan directly into Illustrator and do all your clean-up and layout in that program, bypassing Photoshop completely?

I'm really confused about how the two programs are used together... 

Erica McPhee:
Thanks, Joy!

From what I understand, you can do all the cleanup in Illustrator. The lettering artist in the link Alain scans his work into Illustrator and then does everything in there so I don't see how you couldn't do the clean up in there as well.

Yes, Photoshop images are bitmap. That is the whole "vectorization" process we are trying to accomplish in Illustrator - converting that bitmap image into a vector file.

There are some files though that are better worked in Photoshop first and then imported into Illustrator. Since I'm not as familiar with Illustrator, I don't know yet what that is!  :o

I'm serious when I saw I will learn Illustrator this year and then I can answer the questions better!  :D

every post i read gets better and better for answering ALL the questions i once had! i feel like i've hit the jackpot and it's all FREE?!! cannot thank you enough and beyond humbled that you are SO GRACIOUS AND GENEROUS!!

Erica McPhee:
Thank you so much Torrie! That is a really sweet compliment! I appreciate the wonderful feedback!!! It really does make it all worth it!  :-*  :)


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