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Help! My Photoshop file badly needs tuning up.. any tips?

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So I made some designs for a lady who wanted to send these files to her printer, but it was rejected because the lines were not smooth enough, or broken. Anyone have any idea how to fix it or turn it into vector effortlessly without having to go through EVERY SINGLE LINE AGHHHH

Thanks!! I have illustrator and photoshop if that helps.

Erica McPhee:
Hi Schin,
I can't help in terms of vector but you have two options... either pay someone who can vectorize it for you (there are people who do it for a nominal fee - just have to google).

Or you can try the technique I review in the Preparing your Calligraphy for Printing tutorial in which you do the minimum line of 1 px adjustment. Before doing that, be sure to use the burn tool over all the thin lines (not too much or it will cause a shadow behind it). Then make sure you select all the black lines (to speed the process, you can click on one section of calligraphy, then do Select Similar). Then make the lettering its own layer as described in the video, then do the minimum 1 px trick.

It sounds like a lot of work, but you should be able to get it done in under 20 minutes. The lines won't be as fine but will be sufficient for printing.

I can help you walk through it tomorrow if you get stuck.

Erica McPhee:
OR, if you don't want to try that or don't like the look of the minimum lines, you can try to adjust your levels. This way you can darken the thins without thickening them. Let me know if you need help tomorrow and I'll post the steps.

Oh geez, I thought there would be a magic button on illustrator to help smooth out all the lines.. but nope. It wasn't just that return address either, it was two addresses, a full invite and save the date! I did use the dodge and burn trick and that helped a bit, but I had to go through the rest letter by letter to clean up...

A few glasses of wine and a stand up comedy show in the background helped speed things up though!! Thanks Erica :) !

Erica McPhee:
Oh - I'm glad you got it done! That's a lot of work!  :D


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