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Preparing Calligraphy for Printing

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Hi Erica and others.  Love this tutorial and have used it many times.  All of a sudden when I am trying to select specific text with magic wand from the original, cleaned background and drag to new doc - magic wand is selecting all of the text.   HELP.  Anyone having this problem and know if I have hit something to cause this???  Thanks so much!!!!!

Thank you so much for this tutorial.  I always thought that digitizing would be so complicated that I have been afraid to try it.  I think not being able to do it has held me back on a lot of my projects.  This was so clear and easy to understand.  I was even able to modify for photoshop elements.  I feel like a whole new world has opened up.  Thank you!!

Erica McPhee:
So glad this has been helpful for you all!

@kimd So sorry I didn't see this way back when. Are you still having trouble?

Thanks, Erica, for the response.  I don't know what was going on that day, never had the issue again.  Ended up just shutting down my computer and reopening and it stopped.  Go figure.  It would not cooperate until I did that. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Erica McPhee:
Whenever anything goes wrong in our house, my kids like to say, "Thank you for calling tech support. Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?"  ;D

I'm glad it worked out. Happy Thanksgiving!


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