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Calligraphy Invitation Layout in Photoshop

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Erica McPhee:
Hi Roseann,

This paper is a special paper I ordered for a letterpress client many years ago. It has a natural deckled edge and matching envelopes in all sizes including minis that we used for escort cards. The envelopes are a dream to letter as well - very smooth and a nice weight. It is called Teton Text in Tiara. It is made by Neenah Papers. If you work with a printer who specs paper (let's you choose), this is a fabulous paper.

Great to know.  Thanks!

I'm currently taking a class on Skillshare digitizing from Photoshop to Illustrator and I must say I end up watching your video because its so much easier to understand!

Erica McPhee:
Well thank you! That is a nice compliment!  ;D

So beautiful Erica!

I have a few questions about printing, sorry if they seem a little silly!

Do you always outsource your printing or do you print work for yourself? If you have used a good home printer, can you recommend a good one? In terms of good quality ivory and white paper, what would you use? Lastly, would you always print one invitation per pre-sized sheet of paper or have you ever doubled or triped the design to fit more per sheet for cutting afterwards?

Thanks a mill,
L x


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