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Brad franklin:
What would it be called when someone starts calligraphy design with a pencil, them goes back over it with pen and ink and then puts it in a computer i guess vectorize it. Fix it all the flaws with photoshop or illustrator, then put it in a publication ie. magazine, website or whatever.  The reason I ask is I  would like to youtube and watch from beginning to end. I have seen a few of these and really enjoyed them. Maybe there are more out there I really don't know what to search for. Any suggestions.

Erica McPhee:
Hi Brad,
Yes, this is called digitizing your lettering by some. There are several ways to do it, but most common is creating a Photoshop bitmap file or Illustrator vector file. The vector file is the more preferred because you can scale the lettering without losing quality. Although it is also trickier to learn.

There are several threads you may want to search for on the forum already about learning Illustrator and this process.

I would search calligraphy vector or calligraphy illustrator on youtube. Alan Ariail, the alphabetguy, now a member of our forum, is an expert at this and I know he has some excellent videos on youtube you won't want to miss!

There are also several other members on the forum with strong Illustrator and lettering backgrounds so hopefully they will chime in as well.  ;D

Can you post an image or link of a sketch you want to produce as vector art?


Brad franklin:
Alan I  really don't have one I want to do. I just like to watch videos from start to finish, then maybe I  can get some ideas. I love to watch how it all works.   Something like that. It just popped up on my suggestive watch list. Does that make sence?


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