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Erica McPhee:
Hello all my flourishing friends!

I have had a basic Wacom tablet for the past 13 years. I love it. I don't do anything fancy with it in terms of pressure or drawing or lettering. But it does make my life way easier when working on calligraphy and photoshop.

My husband, in his eager enthusiasm, bought me the newest Professional Creative Pen and Touch Tablet for my birthday. I had no idea how expensive it was until Best Buy let the cat out of the bag with an email receipt! I never would have spent that!

Anyway, my question is ... is it worth it to have the pro version? Or would I still be fine with the basic? Thanks!

Erica, this would be a great question for Laura Coyle. Do you have her contact info?


Hi Erica,

I've used Wacom tablets for years. I started with a Bamboo, then graduated to a used Intuos 3. At work, I had the Intuos 4. I read on the Wacom site that the former Bamboos are now called Intuos and the former Intuos are the Intuos Pros (like you have, right?). In my experience, there's a huge difference, especially where pressure sensitivity is concerned. You can notice this even when cleaning up lines. If you do any photo retouching at all, stick with the pro. It's where I've noticed the most difference. At least when I had the Bamboo (like maybe 8 years ago or so?) it was pretty crappy, whereas the Intuos ones were always top notch.

I guess the main question for you is: Do you notice the difference between the new and your old one? If the new one's better, keep it! :D

Erica McPhee:
Thanks Ellen, yes I do. Good suggestion.  :)

Thank you Natascha. I haven't opened the new one yet. I feel guilty it is so expensive. I never would have bought that version for myself. But if it is really worthwhile to have it, I'll keep. But if it is just bells and whistles I won't need, I would return it and save a couple hundred. I do a lot of photo editing being a professional photographer. I would never be without a tablet. I'm just not sure what kind of features I am missing out on or maybe not!  ;D

If you do a lot of photo editing, keep it! I found that the pressure sensitivity makes all the difference when working with masks etc. I worked in a retouching company for a while, this is where I noticed the difference between my cheapo one and theirs :D


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