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Adobe Creative Suite vs Creative Cloud

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hi all,

how do you feel about Adobe Illustrator CS6 vs Illustrator CC?  the biggest differentiation i'm understanding thus far is:

Creative Suite 6 (CS6):  you own it - but you don't get updates (unless you pay for them) and also, adobe is not planning on having any more updates for CS6, nor are they planning on going any further with CS because they are pushing everyone toward creative cloud (CC)

Creative Cloud (CC): you technically don't own the software; it's a subscription, so once your subscription is up, if you don't renew, you no longer have the program. period. BUT, you do get the latest and greatest updates and improvements immediately.

i personally needed to own the program - i did not want to pay such a large amount to just have a subscription that i'd constantly have to pay in order to keep using the program. at least in owning it, even if it does become outdated, i can still make use of it in its most "basic" form and yes, it will one day maybe become obsolete, but i'm hoping that i would've gotten my money's worth out of it by then.

i'm not too familiar with the adobe products in general though, so does anyone else have any other opinions? is any of my understanding above, incorrect?  would love to know how others feel about it!


Hi Torrie,

Thank you for posting this. I too have had questions and concerns about the cost of the creative cloud option. I look forward to hearing the feedback of others.


well, i'm on the creative cloud subscription for Illustrator.  I have photoshop CS5 that i own, but was in a position last year where i needed to update illustrator but could not afford the huge price tag, and the monthly $21.24 subscription price was more manageable.  sure, it would cost you more in the long run to do the subscription vs. buy the software outright.  getting updates is great but does that make it worth it?  i'm not sure.  for me, it was a matter of cost.  i'm at the point where i should just buy illustrator outright, but then i just dropped $545 at the dentist this morning for my 2 kids checkups and cleanings...
not sure that helps in your decision making but that's my situation.

Lynn Lantz:
I just downloaded a 30-day trial of cloud today. Not sure what to think about this - I'm still on CS5.5, so at the very least will upgrade to CS6 in the near future. I'll be interested to hear what others have to say!

Just out of passing curiosity, has anybody tried Inkscape?


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