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Drawing tablet recommendations (iPad or not?)


Benson Coleman:
Hi guys,

Kinda similar to the thread below this one but I was wondering if any of you had recommendations on drawing tablets. My first thought is an iPad but I've also heard good things about the Galaxy Tab and the Surface Pro. I wouldn't be getting it for my business or anything, but more just to doodle and experiment in my spare time with the digital side of calligraphy, especially since I travel a lot and can't bring all of my calligraphy supplies with me.

Thanks for the input.


Bianca M:
I haven't used either the Galaxy Tab or Surface Pro but I use my iPad Pro nearly every day.  I use it with ProCreate, which I really love, despite remaining perplexed by the name.  I still have yet to fine tune my calligraphy skills with it- in time.  Anyhow, I highly recommend it and encourage going with the big one if your budget allows.

I don't use it much for calligraphy, but for digital doodling, I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  I think there's a 10-inch that would be even better if art is your main objective.  The native S-pen does a really good job though, has at least 512 levels of sensitivity (I think), and there are any number of very decent Android apps to use with it.  I mostly use Autodesk Sketchbook, but I've been meaning to set it up as a graphics tablet (Wacom replacement) for working on my computer.

It's hard to imagine a tablet really satisfying in the same way manual calligraphy does.  At least for pointed nib calligraphy, you may be practicing letter forms, but none of the technical skills are going to correspond to a meaningful degree.  At least, that's my opinion from my (limited) experience.  Will be interested to know what you end up going with, and how you like it!  Good luck!

Bianca M:

--- Quote from: KristinT on March 25, 2018, 05:45:53 AM ---It's hard to imagine a tablet really satisfying in the same way manual calligraphy does.

--- End quote ---

I so agree!  I guess I could say the same thing for drawing, but really, the responsiveness of a nib is quite gratifying- in terms of flex and relationship to the paper.  But, beautiful calligraphic work can certainly be done- Sybille (@pebbleinthesky on Instagram) does amazing pieces!


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