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Hi @Salman Khattak (and others)

Since Im from Denmark my alphabet includes no less than 3 extra letters namely , , and . I would really appreciate suggestions for these as Im having trouble finding exemplars.
When I was in school and learned cursive, we were taught that the would simply be an o with a vertical dash floating above.
Im not finding that particularly elegant, and the letters are very common in Danish. Perhaps the forum has some ideas for variations?

Typical names:  Sren, M, Jrgen, Kre
Ususally letters or invites begin with Dear Norma which is Kre Norma
Loads of addresses includes all three: Nrrestrde 31, 8210 lborg

Salman Khattak:
@Estefa and @jeanwilson might be able to help here. Other than the occasional 'strasse', I have not had to deal with any Europe specific letters.

I am curious though and will look it up and share what I find :-)

- Salman

Since Iceland is part of the Nordic region would this be useful?  Bendikt Grondal 's Handwriting Models An Icelandic manual 1883.  I think Gothic and Italic hand is more suited for Nordic writing?
Below are the exemplars.
1st Sample: Jn rarinsson: Skrifbk me forskriftum, 1. hefti. Reykjavk 1896
2nd Sample: Benedikt Grndal 1883
3rd Sample: Almanak Hins slenzka jvinaflags, Copenhagen 1877

Thanks for your trust, @Salman Khattak, sadly I have never written any Danish letters ;)!


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