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Long List of Pointed Pen Information - compiled by Dr. Joe Vitolo


This just popped up on Facebook from Dr. Joe Vitolo:

"I have spent many years searching and documenting the art, techniques and historical information of our beloved pointed pen art form. A few years ago, I decided to document, or at least to put into perspective my own contributions to the pointed pen art form. The result of this admittedly self-focused ego-driven effort was this document that contains the download links for most of the documents and more that I created. They are all available for free. The URL links start on page 7. This document can be downloaded for free at:

Thanks for pointing that out! I really enjoyed his eBook, and find his work clear and helpful. Looks like I have some perusing to do!

This is a wonderful resource. Thank you so much for sharing this new information with the forum.


Oh, Jean!  Thank you for pointing out this wonderful resource!  I love Dr. Joe's work & am having a wonderful time, going through the resources he has provided!



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