Author Topic: How to Make Corrections  (Read 3803 times)

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How to Make Corrections
« on: August 14, 2021, 04:58:47 PM »
@jeanwilson  suggested we start a thread on how to make corrections or touch up our work. So I am reposting her fantastic advice. Please feel free to add any tips you have as well.  ;D

Jean makes the following recommendations:
Use a WN Series 7 - size 00 or 000 paintbrush to cover pencil lines that are either bleeding through or simply showing through watered down gouache.
Use the same color and it should be fairly easy to put a layer of gouache over the offending lines.
It will take time to learn how to do touch up -- but it can be a very satisfying activity.

The ability to do sophisticated touch up can remedy a lot of frustrating situations.

There are also brushes called *spotters* that are for touch up.

You have to turn the paper so that when you are always placing the tip of the brush near the edge of the lettering and then pulling in to the center of the stroke.

I promise you -- if you do all the touch up - with the artwork in the right reading orientation -- you will over shoot the edges of the letters rather than keeping the touch up paint within the letters.

A pointed nib will also work in tiny areas - but a brush works better to feather out the touch up so that you can't see the layers.

A pair of reading glasses are also helpful. I wear glasses, but, I have readers that I wear over the top of my glasses and the magnification is so helpful.
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