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This is not creepy at all...these dolls (Drafter, writer, musician) will probably own your life, take your calligraphy gigs and emotionlessly get away with murder.

Writeup from lostateminor (Kenny Ong):

In what is believed to be a 240-year-old computer-like masterpiece, this self-automated little doll blinks, moves his head, and is able to write a customised message of up to 40 letters in any combination, thanks to an ingenious system which involves 6,000 moving parts within his body.
The doll, known as The Writer, was designed and constructed in the 1770s. The automation within it was built by Swiss watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz to promote his watches and delight nobility. He also produced two other similarly automated dolls – a boy called The Draughtsman who can draw four images: Louis XV, a royal couple, a dog and Cupid driving a chariot that is pulled by a butterfly; and The Musician, a female player who produces music by hitting the notes on a specially-designed organ.

Still in operating condition, all three dolls are now exhibited at the Musee d’Art et d’Histoire of Neuchatel in Switzerland.

Via My Modern Met

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Penmanship in Dramas and Films
« on: April 22, 2015, 10:26:28 PM »
This could be fun. Let's share pics of random penmanship found in dramas and movies!

This one is from Supernatural, Season 10 Ep19

This one looks suspiciously doctored. Some of the handwriting are written but there are some letters that look exactly the same, ('In' in 'Information Inquirity', M in 'Men, Meeting minutes'

all the 56...

I can't figure out why though! Haha  Fontmanship?

Next up is chicken scratch, same show and ep. Nice writing bro.
Is this like girls instagramming their legs and waists slimmer kinda thing? #SlimmerMs


This tutorial apparently shows you how to create your own moss sludge to paint or draw graffiti with! You have to of course, go water the moss to make it grow. This woman made some neat typography, so why not calligraphy?

Keep in mind though, try not to grow any sort of plants on cement or brick walls, cuz you know NATURE > Man made stuff, so when dem trees wanna grow, they gon grow. Dem ferns have made buildings real weak cos they flourish on the brick walls. But who cares right? *thug life*

Tools & Supplies / Make your own DIY Parallel Pen!
« on: March 01, 2015, 04:09:28 AM »

I read this tutorial and thought you all may appreciate this! (Sorry I'm really lazy to include all the pictures.)

Spencerian Script / Copying Madarasz's Washington piece..
« on: October 26, 2014, 09:39:44 AM »
For practice today, I decided to make a copy of the masters of the past. Who better than Maddy z the gangsta OP writer? It's on display easily at IAMPETH too.

It's done with an old Esterbrook 356 and walnut ink. I need to work on capitals more, but I'm hoping sharing my progress on the forum help me gain confidence in my weak areas, especially the angles and placement and loops of the capitals.

Maddy's original is too beautiful. Too beautiful. Even though I don't really know what the content of the text was referring to.

Coffee & Nib-bles / Game of Thrones Bad Lip Reading
« on: October 18, 2014, 05:04:31 AM »
Since there's a few GOT fans out there i thought I'd share this gem of a hilarity. It's bad lip reading of the visuals and someone else voices over their interpretation.. I about died at Lord Vary's "Bazabazoom zazoo ba that's what it sounds like you're saying to me right now.." and Peter's voice!! ;D

After you've seen that one this one will make more sense

I saw this post by Schin in the Zebra nibs thread and I HAD to make this a new thread. LOL. I'm gonna be that forever alone cat calligraphy lady in future, so why not indulge me with this fantasy peeps!


Lol Janis!!! I know what you mean, I jump around from 'boyfriend' to 'boyfriend' all the time too!

The Nikko G would be the steady dependable guy next door with a good job who loves you but alas he is a little boring and won't stop talking about Japanese manga and anime..

The Leonardt Principal is the sexy boy from the city, he calls you his best gal and your dates are great but he has a tendency to argue from time to time.. it is a rocky relationship..

The Principality/Musselman/604Ef are the super handsome supermodel guys from exotic countries, you only see them once in a blue moon and they smile at you seductively and you go for really amazing nights out in expensive restaurants but then they leave and you don't see them again.. then you realize they stole your wallet and used up your credit cards... :'(

I had a couple of dates with Nikko G and he's really sweet and stuff but friendzoned. He still orders comics and has netflix subscription for the next 10 year, goes on youtube all the time to check out nerdy stuff. When I meet him he's not always showered, so it's a good idea to bring deodorant and air freshener. I guess I can crash at his house sometime and let him make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chill with a game or two on his PS4.

Zebra G is the grown up neighbour next door. He's quite friendly but doesn't quite disclose much of himself often. He may not talk much, but he proves his worth with action. With some effort, he'll prove to be a dependable fellow who will help you fix lightbulbs, broken pipes, paint your house, make a doll house for your cousin's baby girl. This looks like a handyman but he likes to cook, read non-fiction, and has sincere interest in gardening.

Let me introduce you my fav boyfriends:

The Esterbrook 356 is a foreign expat, has delicious sharp wit and intelligent punch lines, fun and flexible. A high flyer despite his stature, he is good in financial investments. He doesn't really like interacting much with many people and prefer to stick to one task at a time. A really focussed guy. I go to him all the time for advice.

The 357 are the extroverted, fun, easy going, all around dependable guys who will bring you out to have fun, pay your bills and remind you to not over think things and take things easy. Unfortunately he has a tendency to get really drunk when not careful and when you get on his bad side he gets a bit agitated.. and you kinda have to bring him to a shower and clean up for him till he comes to in the morning. Meh.

Leonardt Principal is decked out in branded luxury fashion every time I see him. He's confident, bold and charismatic. He comes and goes like the whirlwind and with style, and takes me to the most romantic cities like Paris and New york. Like a genuine dark horse, I can't ever tell if we have a future together. I would like to have a sit down and discuss with him but he's now in Rome. Or Italy. I dunno if he's cheating on me.  I feel like his sugar momma.

I have the 1 604 EF Schin gave me, and: Dear diary, 604's now lounging in the nude making sexy eyes at all my other nibs, whispering sweet nothings. I am cringing as I write this but he's the twilight guy with glittery skin, dark smouldering eyes, taking 5 years to make a kiss. Cheesy as hell, but why does my poor heart flutter so? He's telling me all sorts of things and promising me the moon now. My brause ef 66 has fallen prey to his sweet talk and my 358 won't stop drooling. I'm wary and vulnerable. I fear I may cave in too like a regular teenage youth fiction temptation. This is bad.'

So what about your fav nibs?! I went off the rails and wrote a mini fan fiction (on nibs. geez. I have no life) If you were to describe them with personality, what are they to you? :D

Tools & Supplies / Nibs and paper to use for PH Martin Copperplate Gold?
« on: October 01, 2014, 10:06:47 PM »
Hi peeps, I ordered a bottle of PH Martin Copperplate gold, but I'm wondering what nibs or paper would be good for this? I don't normally like waterproof inks or acrylic paints because they make the nibs weird, get hard to clean and fail to have nice hairlines / glob so I just don't use it, but I guess I have to deal with this now.

Can I still do Spencerian with this ink? Or just copperplate/modern?


I read about this in the papers today, and one line caught my eye (rephrased): Singapore, even after the revised postage rates, remains to have one of the lowest usage of postal service, especially with the digital age, nobody really sends post any more, since even payment can be made online and letters can be sent via emails.

I feel like it's a growing struggle, trying to keep tradition alive. Limited calligraphy supplies, now increased postage too. Singapore was designed to be an economy and business-centric international hub to welcome foreign talent, tourists and market ourselves as very current, convenient and technologically advanced. That's nice, but at what cost? Babies now grow up with an ipad for their toy, they lose the art of cursive handwriting, they learn abbreviated slang words instead, and type instead of write essays. People believe hand lettering and designs are 'fonts' that magically appear from the computer, they don't learn why classic photography is beautiful, instead choosing to instagram filter their pictures to look 'vintage'.

It's just disappointing. I'm upset. I'd die if libraries ceased to function. They are my favourite places in the world.

Well. I hope with the rate increase, it'll improve the chances of mail actually arriving on time and prettily in good condition. Once I received a box sent domestically, containing a make up sample for my mother, and I was shocked when it came, because it looked like trash. The box was squashed in, like someone sucker punched it, I couldn't even open it conventionally because it's a ball and not a box any more!

Tools & Supplies / Calligraphy on Watercolour Paper
« on: July 24, 2014, 03:44:45 AM »
Hi all, I know this is possible, just want to get some advice on the types of papers that are good for both watercolour and calligraphy. I'm hoping to test out this new method to make a card for my friend by Dec (YEAH I TAKE VERY LONG TO MAKE CARDS HAHA)

I know that to avoid friction, hot press is best, but cold press is best for watercolour, because it gives the characteristic grains that make it so charming. Is there a happy medium that I can work with between the two?

An alternative I can think of is to use sturdier nibs that are less catchy so it hopefully won't pick up the fibres.

Will watercolour also affect the sizing after it dries?  Say if I want to write on the coloured surface afterwards, will it get all feathery? Should I also go for waterproof inks? gouache? acrylics?

And what are some of the better but affordable brands out there? I've heard Strathmore, Fabriano 140gsm, cold press (for watercolour)

Thanks for any input!

Tools & Supplies / Huion A4 Lightpad review
« on: July 08, 2014, 10:05:01 AM »
A review I promised @patweecia  . It's the same one Annie bought, but I thought I'll go into more details to make it a proper review:

I was pleasantly surprised when I first took it out. It's so incredibly light! And beautiful.. The workable areas are larger than the paper size.

- Adjustable brightness levels, remembers last brightness setting
- Easy to use. One plug and it's ready to go.
- The USB head matches plenty of devices (non Apple). It works with my portable generic charger as well as my S3.
- Ruler guides. Useful for centering stuff. Although I haven't tried.
- Light, slim and portable. It's even thinner than your regular CD!
- Generates no heat whatsoever, ensuring prolonged use.
- Very bright. It can let you see through about 4 -5 100gsm papers, and 7 regular copy papers. (Note that it will not shine through dark papers)
(See image for comparison of its transparency through 70-80gsm copy paper and 100gsm ones vs coloured construction paper. Black is completely opaque, but I suspect any lightbox won't save you with this, because what colour guide could you possibly use to shine through black?)

- The one touch brightness may be confusing, but once you get the hang of your favorite setting, there's really little need to fiddle with it.
- Perhaps slightly pricey, but if you compare prices with competitor lightboxes, it's a strong contender.
- Flat base, (with foam pads) but it doesn't have an incline. Should you require inclined angles, prop it up with something that won't shift around, like foam.
- Try not to stare into the light too long.. I tried to write copperplate, but apart from my not very good skills, my left eye was twitching up a storm.. and I rushed through the rest

Spencerian Script / Arm support in doing Spencerian Majuscules
« on: June 24, 2014, 04:13:51 AM »
Spencerian gods, I've got a question on the large circular flourishes required to make elegant Spencerian uppercase, and I've been wondering how one should go about approaching it. I'm experiencing wrist and forearm fatigue faster than I expected, which is going to hinder practice.

I've been putting this problem aside for a while because I was focusing on the lower case, which aren't large to begin with, but if I were to only support my hand on the forearm above the elbow, it is not enough to create stable lines. If I rest it on the side of my hand with the little finger, then it kind of obstructs the flow of the line, when I need to go to the right, where my palm is and thus cramping the line and while I can form free circles, but when joining the circles to actual letter forms, it's not light enough, so the nib snags on up strokes in loops.

I still understand the main solution is practice, but I'm hoping for a more constructive practice, esp when it comes to posture, and support so I don't practice wrongly and compromise my foundation.

Are there any tips or tricks that can be used to ensure full arm movement and yet create delicate lines that are accurate?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Open Flourish | General Discussion / Documentary for Calligraphy?
« on: June 09, 2014, 03:47:16 AM »
Does anyone know of documentaries that involve the making of a pen holder or the art of calligraphy?

I'm a documentary junkie, and Dr Joe and Christopher's video on adjusting brass flanges remind me of something I had wanted to know for some time now.. I've watched some videos on how fountain pens are made and enjoyed them tremendously, but I haven't found many or any documentary on dip pen calligraphy or the holders. I think if a documentary could be set into motion, it may bring more people back into this beautiful art of calligraphy.

Dr Joe has some interview bits with famous penmans, which are nice, but they seldom talk about how they do the actual calligraphy.. It's just a bit sad. Masters of the past only had paper to leave their traces of the work, we should make use of new age technology to preserve as much as we can the most authentic and original of this craft.

Or maybe it's just because I can't learn from a master scribe in person here. I'm so eager to learn though! So frustrating. :(

We all have that one little thing that just trips us up from getting a really nice writing and something we have to work extra long on. Mine's the small letter r. I love it in copperplate, I love it in spencerian. Ken Fraser has posted exactly what I meant in fpnetworks (don't mind if I repost it here)

It's so difficult to get intuitively that I break it down and analyze it from a point of proportions, and attempt to rote memorize it. Maybe I wasn't trained in cursive, and the other kind of r is what I'm used to, so this was a bigger hurdle for me. Now, I can do a decent copperplate r, but learning spencerian, the 'r' is different again! *feels like flipping the table*

The other one I find really hard, but I should have it down pat is the universal line of beauty, the compound curve. It's like a compound curse for me. For the life of me I cannot get this curve to be reproduced the same everytime. This cripples me more than 'r' because I can't perfect many majuscules. This 'D' from Lupfer's gorgeous signature writing is so beautiful, the curve! Look at it! It's so delicate, it's like dancing on top of leaves on the pond. But no matter how curved I make it, mine looks like an unwanted stick broken stick that fell from a tree above into the pond. I think it's laughing at me and I feel like a plain nerdy kid laughed at by a graceful popular girl in school lol.

So what's your Achilles heel?
(Sources:; Lupfer's signature examples on IAMPETH's archives)

After practising all the fundamental strokes when I do my practice, I like to pick a text off something meaningful to copy (I don't usually use other people's hand letterings, unless it's ornamental, cos I'm still trying to study how these forms are made). I like going for stuff written by great philosophers like William James (so I learn something else while practising), but I know people usually do names, greetings, quotes, sentences that contain every letter of the alphabet (the quick fox jumps over the rebel dog and got bitten in the junk)..

Guys, normally what kind of text do you practise with?

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