Author Topic: Etegami hanko, Japanese orthography, mind maps, rabbit holes  (Read 410 times)

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Thanks to @jeanwilson , Ive recently been introduced to etegami, a modern era Japanese artistic approach to watercolor postcards.

Ive added this to my ever-expanding retirement projects bucket list.  A common etegami practice is to use ones hanko stamp to personalize their creations, so this has lead me (back) to block carving/printing and (newly) to hiragana/katakana to suss out the symbol(s) for my name.

Which has now lead me down a rabbit hole to the art and mysteries of Japanese orthography! SO MANY NEW TERMS Id never known existed! 

Pedantry follows, though not up to the excellence of @K-2 s inimitable style. I was having a difficult time understanding the relationships between these terms, so I used the Mind Mapping technique developed by Tony Buzan circa 1974 to organize them. Id first learned this technique in 1977 and have used it extensively in planning, organizing and learning since. Heres the map of terms Id encountered with the briefest of details just to give me the lay of the land.

For those knowledgeable about these things, Id love your comments and corrections.
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