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Thanks for that tip about soaking the nibs.  I was going to soak one of mine because I dipped the entire pen holder into the inkwell (my homemade inkwell aka ex-artichoke heart jar- love these for holding ink, especially for carrot pen holders), the entire inch deep, so the ink crusted onto the nib. 

Calligriophile and AmyNeub,

I am 38 (...only haha) and I worked a desk job for 16 years, with calligraphy as a hobby, since I am 12 years old. Over 2 years ago I found my upper back all scrunched up.  I went to a message therapist a lot (about once a week for 6 months).  I'm feeling better now. 

After a regional layoff,  I dedicate my time to the calligraphy now.  I Definitely take those breaks & stretch.  I also ensure I am comfortable as I work. 

Hi Ken,

You're calligraphy is gorgeous.  I'm doing more than I double take on that letter...  What is it?  I am trying to guess...  I would guess w, because it makes sense in the word. Will you please tell me.

Find a Pen Pal / Re: Seeking a Pen Pal For The End of the World
« on: December 03, 2016, 11:29:45 AM »
Hi Malinda,

I am in the states, NY state.  I practice copperplate/engrossers scrpt. I can send you some pictures of my work.  I am new to The Flourish Forum.  I too am looking for a pen pal. One letter a month sounds ideal for me as well, so I would plan to reply to your letters.

Let me know, I understand you're only looking for one.

Warm Regards,

I really like the one by Susan Kavanaugh, The Hour. 

Calligraphy Guilds / Re: Rochester, NY
« on: December 02, 2016, 09:28:05 PM »
HI Raayynuh,

Is this still going on? I would like to check it out.  I am in Syracuse.

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