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Dear All

I am new to Photoshop (technophobic extraordinaire!), and have just bought Photoshop Elements (the entry level version as I understand it). I have been following The Postman's Knock's very helpful online tutorial but have run into a problem...

I have my script added to a photo just fine, there only remains to turn my (currently black) script white, as it is on a dark background. Given that the tutorial is for a slightly different program I can't make out how to do it. Frustrating as it seems the last step of the process, and presumably pretty easy when you know how. Will also try leaving a query on the course as Lindsey does get back to her students. It is for my Wave exchange for which I am already late... Sorry to my recipients!


Tools & Supplies / erasing smearing bleedproof white
« on: September 08, 2016, 03:32:41 AM »
Hi All

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere...

I am new to bleedproof white, and recently used twice on two different envelopes over a few days, the first attempt I was able to erase my guidelines fine, the second smeared horribly. I wonder whether it was a drying issue - the first envelope had been left for days, the second just overnight(!). It did occur to me to wonder however whether there is any issue erasing/smearing when the bleedproof white is diluted more? Because I think my second attempt was possibly more dilute.

Thank you all in advance for any help.

Best wishes

Claire (waves_and_grace)

Dear All

I am sure that erasing info is here somewhere - but am failing to find under 'mistakes'...

I have an envelope, which while not vastly important in the grand scheme of things, I have spent rather a lot of time on over the last week. and on which I have written a whole word 'house' in watercolour - dilute (sadly not nearly invisible) gansei tambei, which I now wish I had put elsewhere on the envelope. It is all I can see when I look at it.

The situation arose when I made a snap decision having run out of room on my line. Bad idea, lesson learned, no snap decisions again any time soon.

What I would like in place of the word is pure white space ;-) ha ha, bit of a tall order, I can't even hide it under another word! To complicate things it isn't even pure white, so I can't use white out, it is a cream envelope. Would it be possible to alter the colour of eg bpw to match I wonder?

Thanks and I appreciate any help/references to helpful threads that come my way...

Best, Claire

Tools & Supplies / walnut ink in the UK
« on: May 31, 2016, 11:24:03 AM »
Hi All

I wonder whether any of you British Calligraphers could recommend a good brand of Walnut ink - either pre-mixed or crystals. So far I have just used Blots Iron Gall - great but am looking to broaden my spectrum a little bit at a time ;-).

Thanks! (sooo incredibly beneficial this wealth of knowledge!)


Introductions / hello all, newbie from Bristol, UK
« on: April 27, 2016, 03:12:20 PM »
Dear All

I am so so pleased to be here, I have loved Calligraphy as long as I've known about it, but only recently discovered pointed pen and am utterly smitten! I am just beginning and learning via correspondence with Gaynor Goffe, and am just days away from my first envelope exchange with the Copperplate Special Interest Group here in the UK - very exciting.

I am a total technophobe, so hope to 'do this right' and not make any excessively silly mistakes, I have recently managed to join Instagram (in order to follow the awe-inspiring Phyllis Macaluso), and in so doing have discovered so many more of you wonderful calligraphers. Maybe in the future I will discover how to post my own work there...

Am beyond excited to learn from you all.

Best wishes


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