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Hey guys!

Paul Antonio Scribe would be in Los Angeles June 30th and July 1st

Learn Copperplate Script using the 4Fold Symmetry he has developed for his new manual 'Copperplate Script - A Yin&Yang Approach'.
Paul would be signing his books if you previously order it from John Neal or Paper Ink arts or his own website


Scrapbooking Made Simple

18909 Soledad Canyon Rd

E Santa Clarita

Los Angeles, CA 91351

Buy your tickets @ Event Brite

Hey guys!

The copperplate book by Dr Joseph M Vitolo from Iampeth has published his e- book FREE with videos
you can get it by clicking here (below) or going to his instagram @drjmvitolo

Pointed Pen Tutorials / Dr Joseph M Vitolo FREE Book with videos
« on: May 29, 2018, 02:24:16 PM »
Hey everyone! Just letting you that Dr. Joseph M Vitolo from Iampeth posted his book for free on his instagram profile
@drjmvitolo  or click on the link below, it has videos etc...

Hey fellow calligraphers,

Don't forget Paul Antonio Scribes Copperplate Manual is out pretty soon!
I am not promoting him, I am not selling or getting a commission lol
just in case you haven't pre-order yours it's available in Paper Inks and
John Neal

Hey guys!
So I have a big problem, when I get home it's super late and the sun is down, so I need to know how to fake day light like photography specifically with an iPhone because I'm poor and cannot afford a good camera lol, if someone wants to donate me a camera you are welcome to do so bahahahha! ;) ;) ;) :D :D ;D ;D

I cannot afford the expensive lighting but if someone can throw me some tips about cheap day light bulbs (brands etc...) and what kind of white backgrounds, right now I'm using just a cheap paper from Michael but it doesn't look really good. I'm trying to achieve a white look like the one in this picture for my calligraphy pictures

Thank you beforehand!

Introductions / Thank you for a wonderful forum!
« on: January 13, 2017, 12:34:26 PM »
I just wanted to say hello to everyone of you for a wonderful community !. I am kind of new on the forum (on my way to 3rd exchange) I have felt very welcomed here by everyone specially @Brookeemcdonald @Starlee @Inked botanicals and of course @Erica McPhee  who has answered everyone of my questions! I discovered this forum via Calligrafile because I had taken classes with Plurabelle (Molly Suber Thorpe) and so she's got this other website with calligraphy resources etc... and there it was listed!  So I am super happy I found all of you and that the people that I have approached with calligraphy questions or just general questions regarding the forum have been so kind and helpful! I am looking forward for a 2017 full of beautiful calligraphy and learning new styles!!! LONG LIVE CALLIGRAPHY!!!

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