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Show & Tell / My first "project"
« on: April 14, 2014, 06:28:50 PM »
Ok, so here it first "project"! This is the first thing I've done that hasn't been practicing my Copperplate, I would say this is loosely based on Erica's super cute "Donut Sunday". I made this card for MyMan for our 25th wedding anniversary (at about 1:30a)...I look at it and cringe (just a little) but he loves it and proudly displays it on his notebook and promptly posted it to FB that morning. I think I'll keep him!

Introductions / Hi from SoCal!
« on: March 08, 2014, 07:13:11 PM »
Hey everyone! Here's my intro...

I live in San Clemente CA (small town about 1/2 way between LA & San Diego) and have had an interest in calligraphy for as long as I can remember (even though, as a kid, my penmanship was less then perfect...a lot less!). Having said that, I recently took my first modern calligraphy workshop last month at the ripe old age of 45! (Not that 45 is old, 'cause I certainly don't feel old!) ;D After taking that class I started looking online for other recourses to help me improve my writing and found this wonderful forum! I also realised that in order for me to develop my own style I really needed a foundation to build upon and Erica's tutorials are awesome for that! Thank you Erica for sharing your knowledge and passion with us! Looking forward to sharing my progress with you!


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