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Kind Critique / Please help
« on: April 29, 2020, 11:07:03 PM »
Ive made a lot of progress since I held that dip pen again this lockdown. But this week, Ive plateaud. And I think I stopped listening to my critiques and just kept chugging along, as a result, my practice is leading to nowhere. I thought I was on my way to being super calligrapher before lockdown ends, lol.

My letters remain shaky— should the wrist be off the table and unsupported (thats a lot of effort for me) or is it resting (but then I cant control my larger strokes very well and the slant goes everywhere).
Ive been reading previous critiques too- there is a wealth of information there! I think I should consider tracing majuscules too as recommneded in another thread.
I guess what I am trying to say is, I think my work is okay. But how do you get this to next level and less amateur looking?

And I like sumi ink because it is smooth, but my letters come out furry even if I add some water. I see other people’s work and their letters come out crisp. Is it still my shaky weak hand that is to blame here?


Introductions / Hi from DC so happy to be here!
« on: April 09, 2020, 02:47:02 PM »

Thank you for accepting my request!
I’m Din. I attempted copperplate and modern calligraphy about 2 years ago with a nikko g nib, sumi and rhodia pad with disastrous results and decided that it was not for me.  It was so disastrous I quit! I splurged on a flex nib fountain pen and was able to study with Dr. Vitolo’s book and Eleanor Winters, but nothing regular as I have a day job that has nothing to do with writing, or art. With this lockdown, I did a Mari Kondo declutter and discovered the nibs and ink again. I was ready to toss them into the trash but decided to give it one more go. The nikko g was still hard for me to use but my practice seemed promising. After perusing these forums, instagram and youtube, I decided to get new nibs— a brause Ef and leonardt principal! Lets just say Ive been happy with my progress and very inspired in these uncertain times. Calligraphy is hand yoga for me!

I am attaching my last practice sheet because I am so happy to be here. The calligraphy community has been so gracious and so lovely— at keast based on what I see on instagram and here!
I know how to do minuscule s, r and k in theory but my hands are refusing to, so that these letters are still my regular letters. I am working on spacing, and My hand is still refusing to square off properly. My hands are also shaky, and Im not even a coffee drinker!

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