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Crazy-stoked for this!

@Starlee Finally, my first FF exchange of the year. Hope we end up on the same list! <3

@Erica McPhee This is such a great exchange idea! So many possibilities with this. Thank you!
Iím so excited for this exchange! Brainstorming ideas at the moment 🧐
I was wondering when we find out the list of recipients for each of us?
Tools & Supplies / Re: Ink that changes color as it dries??
« Last post by Bianca M on June 15, 2019, 09:14:52 PM »
Ooh, this rings a bell.  What did the color start off as, and what did it change to?  Fox and Quills has some clever inks, and I wouldn't be surprised if they'd put something like that out at one time as a limited edition.

Perhaps you could contact Suzie to see if she had or has anything like that (orrrrr maybe wants to make it  ;))? 
Tools & Supplies / Ink that changes color as it dries??
« Last post by JanisTX on June 15, 2019, 03:40:23 PM »
My niece sent me a short video she found on Facebook of an unidentified (and very talented) calligrapher who was using an iridescent ink that changed color as it dried. Does anyone know what the ink is or who the calligrapher is??
@Ken Fraser Beautiful work!  I am trying to learn Spencerian & I really appreciate your comparison!

Congratulations Robert, Its really a wonderful piece of work and exceptional achievement.
Absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for today; a comparison of Copperplate and Spencerian that would show me the difference in a controlled and concise manor. Thank you for taking the time to pen and post this!!

I'm pretty new to calligraphy, especially the pointed pen hands, so your exemplar did raise one question.

Is the crossing stroke on the terminal 't' of the Spencerian part intentionally omitted, a normal part of the hand, mistakenly omitted, an optional variant, or ... ?

Thanks again!
What an exceptional achievement. Bravo and very well done  ;)
Erica, Iíve found something! I found my confirmation email and the sender seems to be myself. As my mail is gmail, that automatically is considered superspam and it does not get through when you use an app or a mail client software. Until this one, those mails come sent in your name, so this one is a new one! Hope that helps!
It's possible that the forum software is configured to send outbound mail at certain times of the day. I'm not sure why the registration form would trigger a different process than any other notification or automatic reply. I'm getting the topic reply notifications pretty much immediately, but no sign of the registration confirmation.

It's also possible that the problem isn't on your end. You should check the email addresses that failed to see if they are all on the same domain, like or The mail servers may consider emails from to be spam and are blocking and deleting or bouncing the messages.

Since I'm getting the topic reply notifications, we know that Yahoo is not blocking your domain, but it might still block some specific sending email addresses. Is the confirmation message configured to use the usual [email protected] for the "sender" and "reply to" email headers?
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