Author Topic: Heather Held: English Roundhand Workshop Chicago March 24-25, 2018  (Read 352 times)

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The Chicago Calligraphy Collective is having Heather Held come to teach her wonderful Passionate Pen workshop. There are still spots left in Heather's class.

Here is the link to sign-up or find out more information

Class information:
The Passionate Pen Workshop brings the student into the magical world of English Roundhand.  Often called “Anglaise” or “Copperplate,” English Roundhand is the historic name attributed to this graceful form of handwriting. We will briefly explore the evolution of the script as well as the confusing terminology that is often associated with the hand. We take an intense look at the Universal Line of Beauty which is the key to achieving a delicate script hand. Throughout the workshop, we explore the traditional forms of this flowing hand while empowering the student to find freedom in creating their own unique script. This hand is meant to be written rather than slowly drawn. The goal of the workshop is to have the student find their own rhythm of writing while developing a muchlighter approach to the hand. We will be using exemplars gleaned from English and Spanish Writing Masters. We focus on European forms in the lowercase letters as well as gracefully flourished capitals. Although flourishing will not be the focus of this workshop, we will spend some time learning how to gracefully embellish your work. The class is meant to free your pointed pen hand as well as help you develop your own style of English Roundhand. This class assumes a practical knowledge of pointed pen skills and is an intermediate level class. A delight to explore!