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More vertical writing


For my personal penmanship I've found that the slanted writing I was doing because of copperplate practice, was not always the most legible. I started to practice some of the vertical writing I've seen, and playing around with letter forms.

It's not been truly formal practice, but I'm finding it much more legible. I'm getting fast enough to be sloppy, but now I need to slow down and get back to better forms. I write it most often with my fountain pens since it's used really for regular writing.

But I do have some fun with dip pens. It's works particularly well with stub nibs. A good, medium stub like an Esterbrook 314 works, as does a finer stub. I also like this with a good "J" pen, with the William Mitchell being my favorite. (will trade Spencerian 1's for William Mitchell fine "J" 's)

Here's an example just playing around in my office on a Friday afternoon.

I found similar.
In doing simple/plain cursive writing with a ball nib fountain pen, my vertical writing is easier to read than my slanted writing.
But the slanted writing looks better, to me.  So I still write with a slant.

Ken Fraser:
My experimentation with upright script handwriting tends to have been with conventional italic. I post it here as it may be of interest.

Here's a sample from the 1894 book on the Vertical Writing system by John Jackson.


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