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Childhood handwriting inspirations?

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Anyone here remember admiring a teacher or family member's handwriting and wishing you could write like that one day?

I used to love my mom and my aunt's consistent, legible, and very stylish penmanship (I still do!)

I also had a fifth grade teacher who wrote very traditional Palmer-style cursive, and she was a huge inspiration for me. Just to be clear, this was considered very old-school at the time (2001!)

I want to share a short reminiscence I wrote about 'Ms. Smith', and my quest for an A+ in penmanship (yes, she gave us grades for handwriting!) I hope you'll enjoy it.

I'd also love to hear your stories about how you learned to love handwriting.


A well written and interesting story. Thanks for sharing.
I, too, was graded on penmanship in the fifth grade, the last year I was in a three room schoolhouse (grades 1-8). Mrs. Wilgroth wasn't considered old school, although she was probably born around 1900-1910--it was just the way penmanship was taught back then (1959). The start of a long journey.
More later.

That's awesome how you have a vivid memory of it. Really made an impact on you.

My fifth grade teacher had the best chalkboard cursive. I always wondered how he kept everything even and straight with no guidelines. It was like magic.

I remember being made to do oval drills in school at age 5. This was in the 80s. Everyone wrote Palmer cursive by the second grade.

My second grade teacher was one of those who walked around with a stick during handwriting class.  :o Wow, this probably explains why I hate doing drills haha! I never set out to make mine pretty. I've never been complimented on my handwriting while in school coz it really wasn't special. I stopped writing cursive at around 16 and my everyday handwriting looks worse and worse as the years go by  ;D

Man, watching him write was the best part of that class. I wish i had a picture of my 5th grade teacher's blackboard writing but this was before digital cameras.

God, I feel old. Thanks, Michael, haha

Hahaha James, sorry to make you feel old. That's so interesting that you did the whole drill thing even then. There was absolutely no technique attached to our cursive lessons in 2nd grade. I can't say that's a bad thing--Palmer was a bit of a nut after all, but leaving 8 year olds to their own weird writing habits can't be the best thing either...

Thanks so much for reading and sharing  :)

I hope you never got smacked with that stick...

Erica McPhee:
I wish I had seen this when you first posted it @mjgebhart ! This is fantastic. You are an excellent writer - both literature and calligraphy! I so enjoyed reading this.

It was my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Jacobs, whose handwriting inspired me. It was a monoline Blackletter written with a felt tip pen. We were all graded in penmanship and I was a straight A student with Cís in penmanship. The irony of that still irks me.  ;D

I hope to read more of your writing! Thank you for sharing.  :)


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