Author Topic: Why am I called SPAM when I try to register (and other registering info)?  (Read 7878 times)

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If you are trying to register for our forum and you receive a message which says, "The user... is a SPAM", please don't take it personal.

The number one reason people receive this message is because they do not delete the characters from the box which says, "This box must be left blank."

The box does not show up for every person. If it does, delete the characters before submitting.

If you have trouble answering any questions, please contact me via the contact form and I will be happy to send you the answers. Or if you are having trouble registering altogether and fed up, please contact me and I will be happy to register you myself!

Many people do not realize that we constantly receive SPAM, bot, and malicious attacks on our forum every day - sometimes thousands per day. While I know the registration process is cumbersome, it is a necessary measure to keep our forum as safe as possible. It is in NO WAY meant to deter anyone from joining.

Please watch this video for help in trying to register:
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